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Network for Community Advancement and Empowerment
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Helping poor communities is the sole idea of Our Organization

The desire to uplift poor communities is the sole idea behind the conceptualization of our organization. Our work is made possible through the selfless and untiring commitment of our teeming Volunteers who are passionate about grass root development, especially, among poor and disadvantaged communities. Summarily, we have a fierce determination to play critical role in facilitating sustainable development through self-less service and active civic response in development related concerns.

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Our organization is involved in myriad of activities that ranges from human development

 For the benefit of all citizens, our educational policies must be in consonance with the realities of our environment and the modern world.

We embark on aggressive mobilization of the local people to enhance or facilitate closer interaction between the government and the people for the purpose of providing common facilities for communities.


We design programs and advocate for improved public health policies, advocate policy regulation, work with governmental and public health sectors to increase access to quality healthcare services in communities.

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